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  1. We had countryside day tour with Amazingbohol yesterday and it was fantastic!!!We enjoyed a lot and had great memories in Bohol.
    If you look for nice and affordable tour in Bohol, i do not hesitate to recommend. Thank you AmazingBohol!!

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  2. From John Araneta to Jong to Kuya John (our driver), everyone of them was just very accommodating! We rented the car with driver and fuel inclusive, price was worth it. We have great memories with our trip which was made possible by these people! Very efficient and accommodating! Thank you, guys! Try to request if you can have Kuya John (I think he works for Jong) as your diver! Though he drove fast, we felt very safe and I feel like it was to our advantage since he wanted us to be able to cover everything in our itinerary (a missed in my part since we arrived late thru oceanjet). Thank you again!!


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